Diamond energy

„get into balance“

The diamond is symbolic of the
inner strength and clarity of the person.

In the Diamond Energy Seminars valuable techniques are taught in order to
to unfold inner sources of strength and to return to his centre.
The Diamond Energy is a very powerful transformation energy. With it
being connected means taking a big step towards unity.

Staying calm and composed in difficult situations – connection to intuition
More confidence in oneself – ability to distance oneself and to determine oneself
Mental techniques for anchoring strengths – recognising conflicts as opportunities
Harmonization of interpersonal relationships – Achieving stability through recognition of inner qualities – Being centered in the heart

Seminars: Diamond Energy „get into balance“

I Mind Balance Clarity and inner balance

II Emotional Balance Inner strength and potential

III Center Balance Inner and outer freedom

The strengthening exercises have a lasting effect not only on
subconscious, but also to important neural networks in the body
The special feature is that they can be used effortlessly and quickly in everyday life
can be. Through regular meditation and mental training
of time has been proven to strengthen brain areas responsible for stress resistance,
freedom from fear and processing of emotions.

Currently the seminars are held individually by appointment.
Since I like to travel, I also offer my Diamond Energy seminars in
to your rooms. With 4 or more participants, the person who organizes and
makes the room available to participate in the seminar free of charge.
I am happy to receive inquiries.

The Book (only in german)
The base
Through the heart centering that is effortlessly created by the diamond energy, life can once again become the wonderful adventure that it should be. A field report.
Hardcover book: 19.50€
ISBN 978-3-00-040551-8

The CD (only in german)
Torus (heart field) activation

1. total meditation
2. torus activation
3. wish of the heart
4. heart centering
price: 16.90 €
The CD serves to activate a powerful energy field. More stability and inner stability is created. Through the centering in the heart there is much more joy in life after a short time.
I recommend to start with track 4 on the CD. Especially good results can be achieved by daily practice.