Diamond energy

Energetic healing with diamond energy

Anyone can learn energetic healing. In order to live independently and self-determinedly, it is important to have access to your natural and original sources of strength.

There is a jewel slumbering in every person, the divine self with the entire creative potential. This core being is hidden by various layers of childhood imprinting and unprocessed experiences.

The diamond energy is a very powerful transformation energy with which it is very easy to cleanse away these layers in order to become free from all limitations again.

The powerful exercises have a lasting effect not only on the subconscious, but also on important neural networks in the body. The special thing is that they can be used effortlessly and quickly in everyday life.

In the “Energetic Healing” seminars, deeply effective techniques are taught.
More information about this in the seminar section.

The Book (only in german)
The base
Through the heart centering that is effortlessly created by the diamond energy, life can once again become the wonderful adventure that it should be. A field report.
Hardcover book: 19.50€
ISBN 978-3-00-040551-8

The CD (only in german)
Torus (heart field) activation

1. total meditation
2. torus activation
3. wish of the heart
4. heart centering
price: 16.90 €
The CD serves to activate a powerful energy field. More stability and inner stability is created. Through the centering in the heart there is much more joy in life after a short time.
I recommend to start with track 4 on the CD. Especially good results can be achieved by daily practice.