Would you like to feel light at last?
Do you need some support right now to see clearly again?
Consultation and energetic treatment appointments also on the phone or via video conference.

Energy balance

The unity of body, mind and soul is supported by bringing the entire body energy back into a healthy balance. Blockades can be discovered and redeemed in their cause, so that in life
can unfold more lightness and joy again. The energy balance works
quickly stabilising, strengthening and you feel freer and lighter.
During the treatment it becomes clear what the cause of the blockage
and what’s helpful in breaking that cycle.
If life flows back into the right direction „self“ healing can happen.
„Recognize what’s bothering you and change it before it makes you sick.“
Helpful in solving the causes of unhealthy states.
1 hour : 70.-€

Meridian balance

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), meridians are energy channels that supply the entire body with vital energy. Each of the 12 main channels (meridians) is assigned to an organ system. In a deeply relaxing acupressure treatment the twelve main energy channels (meridians) are into flow. The supply of all organs and cells with vital energy
causes a stabilization in the entire system. This allows the self-healing powers in the body to develop optimally again. Energy blockades, which are mostly created by unprocessed emotions, are applied to gentle Wisely resolved. Due to my many years of experience and practice in the field of holistic health maintenance, many impulses from different healing systems are incorporated. The application has a very relaxing and dissolving effect
on the whole body and nervous system.
Helpful in replenishing energy to the body system.
1 hour: 69.-€

Hypnosis ( Milton Erickson)

In a light trance, subconsciously stored incriminating themes and imprints can be illuminated. Through the experience of one’s inner images, one is led to one’s own solution of problems, new and positive impressions can be anchored in a playful way. In a hypnosis session the client is led into a light trance, the so-called alpha state. In this state it is possible
to get directly to the cause level, i.e. one finds the cause for the undesirable behaviour pattern (program) in the subconscious. In this way, behaviours that have led to existing problematic life situations can be illuminated. It is important to me to mention that the client can consciously follow what is happening at any time and always has the possibility to return from the trance independently.
Helpful to recognize subconscious programs.
1 hour : 70.-€

System Harmonization
organs and glands

A very gentle but deeply effective method in which all main organs and glands are tested for stressing impressions by means of radiesthesia (pendulum, biotensor).
Organs can store suppressed emotions and thus ensure healthy
Block the flow of energy in the body. The main glands can be equipped with unconscious programs (deep-seated beliefs) that block the whole system
burden. Burdens on the organs and glands are recognized and new health-promoting information is anchored. This method can
support for existing problems, but it is also a
wonderful health prophylaxis, because the body system gets impulses
to work harmoniously again.
Helpful for releasing the stress stored in the organs and glands.
1 hour : 70.

Mental training

In all my seminars and individual sessions, elements from mental training are woven into the program. Tailored to the needs of each individual, relaxation-
and visualization techniques. These tools enable the client to independently take care of his inner well-being. This way the ability to work under pressure, social and emotional competence can be supported. Through the combination of depth-psychologically effective symbols, energy work and mental training, very positive and lasting results are achieved.
Helpful to free oneself from bad thinking habits.

„An untrained brain is more harmful to health,
than an untrained body.“ George Bernard Shaw

Soul contact

There are no coincidences!
Everything we experience has a deeper meaning.
Difficult life situations usually contain important learning tasks.
How can we find out what makes these often inscrutable
situations? And how do you deal with them?
These questions can be explored in a single session.
One understands the deeper connections and a new way becomes visible.
This makes it easier to accept the respective circumstances of life
and to come to peace with it. The soul level is brought into the session
and can give valuable impulses for self-healing.
Helpful to bring light into difficult life situations.
1 hour : 70.


In a reading, you can ask questions to which you cannot find answers.
Every problem carries the solution within itself, only sometimes you are so blocked yourself,
that you can’t see the solution. Through my ability to get in contact with the soul and the higher self, I can show backgrounds and ways, give answers to questions, so that one can get back into harmony with oneself.
I offer the reading from 30 minutes (30€).

Telepathic constellation

In a telepathic constellation one can see what family structures or relationship structures look like and what deeper motives have led to existing conflicts. For this work one does not need a proxy, but is connected to the respective people in an inner vision and led to approaches to solutions. Disproportionate dependencies, issues such as overresponsibility or subtle assault can be recognized and resolved. Thereby the relationship structures change and more understanding, if necessary demarcation and tolerance can be integrated.
Helpful to harmonize relationships.
1 hour: 70.-€

In case of serious psychological and physical problems I recommend to consult a suitable doctor or therapist. My work serves for relaxation and inner development and does not replace therapy.