Sprays and Crystals

Diamond energy sprays

The special effect of the room and aura sprays arises out of the compound of fragrance and the energetic information of the diamond. The sprays are particularly suitable to clean the indoor air and objects and they help to clarify and harmonize the energy system. The diamond energy sprays are made from high quality, 100% natural raw materials from certified organic cultivation. They carry a very pleasant and subtle fragrance into the rooms.

With the diamond energy you clean energy fields and the effect of the essential oil can unfold in its full power.

Basic trust

The spray with a subtle sandalwood scent can have a grounding and strengthening effect. Supporting general regeneration and vitalization. Fine sandalwood scent stands for warmth and basic trust. Activates the base and abdominal area.

Affirmation: I trust life

Contents: water, alcohol, essential oil sandalwood

Order no. 1300 spray 100 ml € 24.-


The spray with the fine citrus scent can brighten and clarify the mood. Supportive to let go of thoughts and get a clear head. Activates the head and neck area.

Affirmation: I recognize my path

Contents: water, alcohol, essential oils: lemon, bergamot, lemongrass

Order no. 1301 spray 100 ml € 24.-

Inner peace

Lavender has long been used as a calming and sleep-promoting agent. The spray with the scent of lavender can help to let go of stress and worries. Fine lavender scent stands for peace and harmony.

Affirmation: I rest in my middle

Contents: water, essential oil lavender

Order no. 1302 spray 100 ml  €24.-


The spray with the sensual scent of roses gives you a feeling of security, it works like a balm for the soul and opens the heart. The fine scent of roses stands for love. Activates the heart area.

Affirmation: I am loved

Contents: water, alcohol, ethereal oil rose

Order no. 1303 spray 100 ml  €24.-

The set with all four sprays and affirmation cards costs  90.-

You can work with the cards in a playful way, for example you can ask:

What supports me today best?

If the respective affirmation to the spray is used, a very effective result can be generated in the subconscious.

(An affirmation is a short, concise positive sentence, that expresses a conscious inner attitude, that positively influences and strengthens the system by itself.)

Application examples sprays:

To improve and clean energy in living and working spaces. For energetic support with body work, such as massages, energy treatments etc. into the aura and the place where one is working. In case of problems caused by everyday stress, spray onto affected areas in the aura. With negative thoughts and feelings to clean the energy field.

Diamond energy – Yoga mat spray

Energy spray for energetic cleaning, has a clarifying and calming effect.

New Releases Yoga mat spray

Fresh citrus scents combined with the soothing lavender scent result in a wonderfully clarifying and relaxing mix for the yoga session. Due to the diamond energy, the spray has an energizing clarifying and cleaning effect.

100 % naturally controlled organic farming.

Spray in briefly, leave to soak and enjoy the fine fragrance.

Yoga mat spray 50 ml  € 16.-

The diamond energy in the sprays is composed of the energetic information from the rough diamond and a high-vibrating spiritual information with which I energize the sprays. The special thing about energy is that it carries a high cleaning and harmonizing vibration that can work deeply in the human energy system. It cleans and organizes according to the principle of the highest divine order, therefore it can neither be misused nor contaminated. The field or the object is simultaneously cleaned and energized with the sprays. It is also very suitable for cleaning and charging healing stones.

The sprays can be used in living or practice rooms. There, heavy, dark energies are quickly converted into pure light. Simply spray a spray of your choice into the room, this will clean the field and charge it with the energy of the fragrance.

In energetic treatments, the client can be drawn a card and sprayed into the client´s aura before and during this time. If a body blockage does not want to be released, it is possible to spray directly on the site. (Also works through clothing.) After each treatment, it is very helpful for the therapist to clean the workplace and their own energy field with the clarity spray so that no energy is taken from the client.

At seminars or workshops, you can draw a card for the group and spray the room with it. If you ask, you can go around and spray the participants into the aura.

After the workshop, participants can draw a personal card and then spray the energy that is needed into their aura and possibly take the affirmation along as information.

The diamond energy has a very deep effect and triggers processes of awareness. The issues that block the system become conscious and can thus be recognized and solved more easily.

For therapists, I offer the spray at a discount. There is also the option of reselling.

On recommendation I give 20%.

That means the customer orders the spray directly from me, the therapist gets 20% from the sale and gets it credited with his next order.

If the therapist as a dealer wants to buy an inventory in stock and sells it directly to his customers, he gets 30% when buying.

I am very happy about everyone who works and heals with this energy. The more we all help to clarify and harmonize heavy and dark energy fields, the faster the entire field clears and the love, joy and light on earth increases.

Thank you for your interest.